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Pastoral Witness
The Light That Shines - 01/23/16

The Argo, a merchant ship sailing off the New England coast, ran aground and lost its cargo. It was traveling at night and in dense fog. The captain later explained that the ship was only three degrees off course. Those three degrees eventually meant a difference of ten miles at the point the ship hit ground. The ship's instruments had malfunctioned and in the darkness the captain could not see that he was approaching land.

On the Baptism of Christ - 01/19/16

Christ, then, was born as it were a few days ago — He Whose generation was before all things, sensible and intellectual. Today He is baptized by John that He might cleanse him who was defiled, that He might bring the Spirit from above, and exalt man to heaven, that he who had fallen might be raised up and he who had cast him down might be put to shame. And marvel not if God showed so great earnestness in our cause: for it was with care on the part of him who did us wrong that the plot was laid against us; it is with forethought on the part of our Maker that we are saved. And he, that evil charmer, framing his new device of sin against our race, drew along his serpent train, a disguise worthy of his own intent, entering in his impurity into what was like himself—dwelling, earthly and mundane as he was in will, in that creeping thing. But Christ, the repairer of his evil-doing, assumes manhood in its fullness, and saves man, and becomes the type and figure of us all, to sanctify the first-fruits of every action, and leave to His servants no doubt in their zeal for the tradition.

Understanding the Nativity Icon - 01/03/16

Orthodox Christians do not celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, we celebrate the Incarnation. What?, you say. What is the Incarnation? This is an important word as it means God becomes Man. This is what we celebrate. The birth of Jesus was that moment in history when God sent His only begotten Son to become like us, taking on human flesh for our healing. This miracle of miracles took place though the ascent of Mary whom we call the Theotokos, Birth-giver of God. God with His divine will became man, taking on a human will in human flesh so Man could unite his human will with God’s divine will. From the time of Adam and Eve, man was separated from God ,unable to follow God’s law. The Incarnation is the beginning of the transformation of mankind so we can be reunited with God.

Наближається Різдво... - 01/02/16

Різдво Господа нашого Ісуса Христа, або як ми ще називаємо – Різдвяні свята – знову наближається! Знову настала ця пора року, а з нею і радісні хвилини. Але насправді, що таке є Різдво? Чи це подарунки під ялинкою, різдвяні світла у вікнах, привітальні листівки, вечері з родиною та друзями, сніг на подвір’ї, чи привітання “Веселих свят” тих, хто на вулиці проходить повз нас? Для багатьох людей Різдвяний Піст є часом смутку, тому що вони не мають необхідних коштів для того, щоб купити подарунки для своїх дітей, родичів та друзів. Багато з людей сумують у Різдвяний час коли вони згадують про своїх близьких, які не можуть приїхати додому та святкувати разом з ними. Вечеря на День Подяки для декого на жаль залишається тільки мрією, а не реальністю.

The Healing of the Ten Lepers - 12/17/15

For behold, ten lepers met Jesus as He was about to enter a certain city. They met Him outside the city, for those who were considered unclean were not permitted to go into the city. They stood afar off, as if ashamed of their supposed uncleanness, and did not dare to draw near, thinking that Jesus abhorred them as did the others. They lifted up their voices and made supplication. By physical location they were standing afar off, but in their supplication they were near. For the Lord is nigh unto all that call upon Him in truth (Ps. 144:19). And they did not make supplication to Him as to a mere man, but as to One greater than a man. For they called Him Master, meaning Lord, Protector, and Guardian, which is not far from thinking of Him as God.

Weekly reflections by Rev. Fr. Anthony Perkins, pastor of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. Click here>
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