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Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha
Paschal Epistle
2015 UOC of the USA Camping Programs
Pastoral Reflections
Lessons for the “Righteous” from St. Mary of Egypt and Abba Zosima - 03/25/15

Organized religion is often the target of heavy criticism and censure in our modern world. In my own lifetime, I have seen a world where clergy and religious organizations have gone from being acceptable and respected parts of society to being treated on a spectrum that ranges from irrelevant to unspeakable and perhaps even contemptible or evil. For example, if one was to open the internal website of one’s place of employment, one might see the following prohibition on topics which one may not post or blog.

The Sunday of Orthodoxy 2015 - 02/22/15

We have begun the Great Fast in preparation for the journey to Holy Pascha by asking everyone for forgiveness. We have prepared by eliminating meat and meat products, then eggs, milk, and other dairy products…and so it begins. The Church gives us help along the pathway of preparation—services of Saint Andrew of Crete, Akathists to the Most Holy Theotokos, Memorial Saturdays, and Presanctified Liturgies are all tools to sustain us as we travel the road to Resurrection Sunday.

Сиропусна неділя - 02/16/15

Свята Церква пропонує повчання Господа Ісуса Христа, яке може налаштувати нас на правильне проведення Великого посту: таке, при якому піст принесе нам користь і допоможе повернути даровану в Таїнстві Хрещення благодать, яку ми необдумано втратили, подібно до того як позбулися райського проживання наші прабатьки.

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