Saints Peter and Paul Parish Family in Palos Park, IL Celebrates Yet Another Successful Year of Service to God and His People
Saints Peter and Paul Parish Family in Palos Park, IL Celebrates Yet Another Successful Year of Service to God and His People

This year’s celebration of Parish Feast Day was a bit different. There was no Annual Festival as in previous years. However, parish family with relatives and friends came together for the Divine Liturgy on beautiful warm and sunny morning.

Everyone present in the church waited with anticipation for the arrival of His Eminence Archbishop Daniel. Who due to severe weather on the east coast flew into Chicagoland on the very morning of the service. Eager children guided by Pani-matka Olenka Sendeha with baskets full of flower petals were excited to lead His Eminence to the church temple.

Archbishop was greeted at the church by president of the Parish Board of Administration Mrs. Mary Wisniowski, Treasurer Mr. John Grzymski and parish priest Fr. Vasyl Sendeha.

His Eminence was assisted at the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy by the seminarian Subdeacon Yaroslav Bilohan, Subdeacon Jeremy Oryhon, Subdeacon Dennis Rehr, Subdeacon James Nevels and Altar servers Antony and David Sendeha.

The choir led by Subdeacon George Cepynsky beautified the service with their talented voices. It was a joy to hear the restless kids in the arms of their parents. Their noise was adding up to the prayerful celebration of the life of the parish.

When the time has come for the sermon and the first words were spoken by His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, silence took over the whole place. Even the kids quieted down as they felt it was the time to listen to the teachings of Our Spiritual Father. His Eminence urged the congregation to live even more fully their Christian faith on daily basis as our society is going through some troubling times. The world as never before needs action, action on behalf of those who believe in one true God Jesus Christ. We, Christians, simply cannot be bystanders as the evil actions are portrayed as totally normal in our society according to His Eminence.

It was heartwarming to see so many faithful approaching the chalice to receive the Holy Eucharist. It has shown that parish family has come back from pandemic living a full Liturgical life.

Following the Divine Liturgy His Eminence Daniel along with pastor Fr. Vasyl Sendeha was lifted up on the lift to bless the new cross and the dome on the church temple. The reconstruction and beautification was competed by artists Victor Burdun and Bohdan Hrynenko.

The new shiny dome of the church is not just an update and improvement of the church roof. It has become a symbol of a new life after our community along with the whole world went through the unprecedented times of pandemic. Shiny gold dome is a beacon of hope in the Lord who protects and guides His faithful people.

Now our church temple is more noticeable to those passing by. Especially when the sun adores the dome with its rays in the morning or at the sunset, the dome shines beautifully in its glory. That’s a perfect timing, since people are either going to work or driving home and their attention is drown to look at the cross towering the dome. 

The society we live in needs to reflect more on something more spiritual. Something more detached from materialistic and hedonism directed society. The church temple with its appearance now preaches to the community.

After the blessing of the dome, faithful enjoyed the meal prepared by parish chefs Albert Turiy, John Jaksich and Joseph Cicauskas. The meal was truly a feast. A huge 160 lbs roasted pig, roasted chicken with verity of appetizers, salads and fabulous deserts offered free of charge.

Parish family enjoyed the feast and the fellowship until the sun was ready to put the day to rest and was about to roll behind the hills of the west.

The parish community is grateful to all who shared in the joy of the celebration. We are grateful to the set up crew the day before and the clean up crew after the event. Last but not least, special thank you to John Grzymski chair of Annual Cash Raffle and Donna Nevels and the feast day committee for organizing the event.

Saints Peter and Paul Parish Family in Palos Park, IL Celebrates Yet Another Successful Year of Service to God and His People

Photos by Subdeacon Yaroslav Bilohan

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