Consistory of the UOC of the USA Holds First Monthly Meeting of 2021
Consistory of the UOC of the USA Holds First Monthly Meeting of 2021

Відбулося Перше Засідання Консисторії УПЦ США 2021 року

As a snowstorm stretched from the Rocky Mountains across the nation all the way to New York, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, Consistory President of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, opened the monthly Consistory Board meeting with a prayer.  He prayed for the healing of all those who have fallen ill with COVID-19, for the protection and good health of those who have not, and for the safety and well-being of all people.

Before beginning the proceedings, Archbishop Daniel, on behalf of all present, expressed his warmest greetings and congratulations to His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, who was also on the meeting, on the eighth anniversary of His Eminence being the Metropolitan of the UOC of the USA.  Having reviewed historical archives and previous editions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Word, Vladyka Daniel stated he was amazed at how far we have come in the previous 8 years.  Many new parishes have been established, ministries strengthened, and faithful encouraged thanks to the selfless leadership of Metropolitan Antony.

Due to the global pandemic everyone is suffering financially, including the Church.  However, even though people are not able to attend services in person, due to government restrictions or health concerns, the faithful are still actively engaged with the Church and their Faith.  Hundreds choose to attend the livestreamed Sunday Divine Liturgy, either from St. Andrew Memorial Chapel via Facetime, or from their local parishes, thereby hearing the Gospel, being strengthened from communal prayer and worship of the Lord. 

Furthermore, the Church actively reaches out to all her flock daily.  Mornings begin with prayer from the seminary being livestreamed.  Facebook is updated numerous times a day to list the day’s Gospel Reading, the saints being commemorated on any given day, the latest news, and words of wisdom.  The website is also regularly updated, allowing the faithful a single hub of information. Here they find all the links to the latest livestreams, they can read Spiritual Reflections, shop at the bookstore, and get the latest copies of the UOL bulletin, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Word magazine.  Having filled the day with work, reading and contemplation, everyone finishes the day together once again via livestream from the seminary chapel as they pray the Evening Prayers in unison.

Archbishop Daniel shared his experiences of traveling to various parishes in the Chicago region for the Nativity celebration.  He was moved by the people who attended the services and with what strength of faith joined in all the celebrations.  It was also a great experience for the seven seminarians who had traveled with him, for many this being their first parish visit.  The group had also made several stops along the way, one being at All Saints Camp, which was peaceful and lying dormant beneath the winter chill.

His Eminence asked for continued prayers for our clergy and faithful, as many have contracted COVID-19, and were recovering.  The virus is the great unknown, and he hoped that even though many of our clergy have recently contracted the illness, and thankfully recovered, that through our prayers God would keep everyone safe from the virus.

With a short discussion on the maintenance issues of various buildings on the Metropolia Center property, it was also mentioned that the bridge stretching from the main grounds to the cemetery is in need of repair.  The bridge is an iconic landmark, as all visitors to the South Bound Brook campus enjoy walking across it, and enjoying the serene view of the brook below, as they head towards the St. Andrew Memorial Chapel. 

Concluding the meeting with a prayer for the wellbeing of the entire UOC of the USA flock, His Eminence once again thanked the Consistory Board members for joining the meeting and expressed his excitement at the fruition of many of the future plans and projects discussed for this coming year.  With everyone invested and working together, with Christ’s help, 2021 will be a good year.

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