19 Years Later... WE REMEMBER and HONOR...
19 Years Later... WE REMEMBER and HONOR...


Remembering the Tragedy of 9-11-2001

Dearly beloved clergy and faithful entrusted to our pastoral care,

It is difficult to believe that we have come to mark the 19th Anniversary - a memorial date of the loss of nearly 3,000 human beings in the World Trade Center – the symbol of American business success and promise.

Nineteen years after the still almost incomprehensible terrorist attack upon our nation on 9/11/01 the emotion and horror still weigh heavily upon each and every citizen of our United States of America.  We still hear daily references to some aspect of a moment in history that forever changed the course of American life.  Sometimes the references relate to positive consequences of an evil act, but more often we are further offended by the negative side effects of man’s ability to hurt and destroy his fellow man.

So much, in fact, is still written and debated about every facet of that late summer day – in newspapers, on television and perhaps too soon on the movie theater screens – that we are loath to add to it all.  Ours is, once again, and for all time to come to call upon you as the faithful of our Holy Church to take time out of your busy day – sometime during this month of September, to pause and say a prayer for those who perished and most especially a prayer for those who survived – not only escaping from the buildings – but also for the family members and close friends of those who perished. 

We offer the first prayer we shared with you 19 years ago as a guide for your personal prayer:  "Lord God, Lover of Mankind, bless our God-protected nation, the United States of America, and forgive those who hate and wrong us. Do good to those who do good and grant all our people safety, health, salvation and eternal life. Visit those who continue to suffer from the terrorist attack upon our nation and heal them. Guide those in our armed forces; in our fire, police and rescue services and in our government. Upon those who have asked us, unworthy though we are, to pray for them, have mercy.

Remember our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have fallen asleep in the Lord under the most horrific of circumstances and grant them rest where the light of Your Face shines in a place where there is no more pain, nor sorrow, nor suffering.  May their memory be eternal before Your Throne.

Remember us, O Lord, your humble, sinful and unworthy servants and enlighten our minds with the light of Your Knowledge and guide us in the way of your Commandments, through the prayers of our Most-Pure Lady, the Birth-Giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, and of all Your Saints, for You are blessed to the ages of ages.  Amen."

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God the Father and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with each of you as we pass through this commemoration and all it brings to mind.  You are in our continued prayers.

+ ANTONY, Metropolitan
+ JEREMIAH, Archbishop of the South American Eparchy
+ DANIEL, Archbishop

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