International Holodomor Forum
International Holodomor Forum

The Renaissance Airport Hotel, Philadelphia was the venue for an International HOLODOMOR FORUM on 4-6 October.  The full-day conference was organized by the National Holodomor-Genocide Awareness Committee of the USA, the body responsible for the establishment of the permanent National Holodomor Memorial located just steps away from the United States Capital Building on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C.  The conference brought together Holodomor scholars and members of action committees from all across the USA and Canada.  Metropolitan Antony of our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA participated in the Forum as did Metropolitan Boris of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the USA.  A special guest and speaker at the conference was Former Congressman Sandor Levin of Michigan.  He was a co-founder of the Ukrainian Caucus of the House of Representatives in 1997 and worked tirelessly until his retirement in 2019 as a forceful supporter and sponsor of the National Memorial, seeing it through to completion.  The Congressman is pictured here with the two Metropolitans.

The FORUM workshop sessions included:  “Cirriculum” – Materials available for teaching in any educational system about the HOLODOMOR and their dissemination;  “Duranty and Advocacy” – a full discussion about the New York Times reporter who published completely fraudulent articles denying he existence of the famine and its consequences, for which he received a Pullitzer Prize and which the NYT refuses to return.   The workshop contemplated the ways to move beyond these facts and to prove the deceit he employed in support of the Soviet Regime; “Media Awareness” – a very informative workshop discussing the most effective methods for expanding knowledge and understanding of the HOLODOMOR as GENOCIDE and encouraging the US Government to formally declare that it was an act of Genocide perpetrated against the Ukrainian nation by Josef Stalin.  The US Congress has made such a declaration but the Executive Branch has not done so; “Holodomor – Lessons for the World” and “The Fifth Anniversary of the Holodomor Memorial”.

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