Great Lent Giveaways 2019 (1)
Great Lent Giveaways 2019 (1)

Office of Youth Ministry & Jr UOL

Great Lent Giveaway 2019

A Lenten Alms-giving and Stewardship Program for our Youth

The Great Lent Giveaway (GLG) is a program sponsored by the Consistory Office of Youth Ministry and the Jr Ukrainian Orthodox League. Each year our youth across the country join together to live their faith during the Great Fast - deepening their relationship with Christ by helping others!  This year the efforts of the GLG will benefit Heifer International.

For 75 years Heifer International has worked with communities to end world hunger poverty and to be better caretakers of the Earth.

In 16 years the youth of our church have raised over 30 000 in monies and goods during the Great Lent Giveaway. This year we hope to raise $2 000 for Heifer International.

Introduction to the Great Lent Giveaway  2019 with Maddie Zetick

How Can our Youth Participate!

Its simple!  Use the following steps and your are ready to go!:

  • Download the GLG How To Session 
  • Watch the weekly GLG Videos produced by the Jr UOL
  • Make your plan and make it happen!

To learn more about the Great Lent Giveaway download the How To Session or link to the GLG Videos go to

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