Metropolia Center - Post Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts
Metropolia Center - Post Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Metropolia Center -
Post Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Beloved brethren in the Lord: Greetings in His Holy Name!

 It is with the words of humble gratitude to our Savior that we are posting this note on our Church’s web site, following the challenging days of the pre and now post Hurricane Sandy events that have impacted about 14 states of our country. 

As you can see, the web site of our Church is being updated with the photos of the damage that our Metropolia Center has to deal with in the following days and weeks, and possibly months. We were blessed to avoid major structural damage and flooding at the Center; yet, as you will be able to determine there are about 15 massive trees that were broken and uprooted throughout the spiritual headquarters of the Church. Our dedicated Consistory workers, under the leadership of Emil Skocypec, have began the cleaning process, which might take weeks before everything is cleaned and returned to its previous condition.
Presently, there are three buildings (Consistory offices, St. Sophia Seminary building and Fisher House) that are without electrical power and phone service. We ask you to be patient in your attempts to stay in touch with the main offices of the Church, as we are patiently awaiting the reestablishment of our electrical and phone services.
At the same time, I am posting this note with the request for information from our MD/DE/NY/NJ/PA/OH/VA/IN/IL/MA/MN parish communities about the state of their parish churches and the well-being of the clergy and faithful of the affected areas, following the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy.
The Consistory Offices of Financial Affairs and Christian Charity are directed to establish - Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, to which we urge the parishes, Church Organizations, clergy and faithful of our Church to contribute, so that the necessary assistance might be provided, as it becomes available.
Please find it in your heart to contribute to this fund by immediately sending your donations to:
Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund
UOC of the USA
P. O. Box 495
South Bound Brook, NJ 08880
Please give generously. With your help, we can truly make a difference in our Church's recovery efforts. 

We shall continue to keep you posted about the state of our Metropolia Center and parish communities that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

In addition, I would like to inform you that our Church's pilgrims to Holy Land are safe and presently remain in the Holy City of Jerusalem, as they are being redirected by the airline for their safe return to the US, following the opening of NY/NJ Metropolitan area airports. We expect their safe return home either on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

His Eminence Metropolitan-elect Antony and I assure all of you in our daily prayers and ask you to remember us in yours.

With prayers and fatherly love in Christ,
By the Grace of God,
Bishop and President-elect of the Consistory

“Lord, Who calmed the storm at sea: Quiet the fears. Ease the pain. Tend the grief and light the darkness of your children on the East Coast of our Nation as they are faced with the consequences of hurricane Sandy.  Be the voice of the injured. Lead rescuers to the lost. Shelter the waiting. Sustain those who work to make life's necessities spring forth in this desert of gloom. Blanket the weary with your tender touch. Shake us from our comfort to share our sisters’ and brothers' sorrow and burden. Enable us to assist and pray them into new life. 

For You are a Merciful and Loving God and unto you do we ascribe glory: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen."
Post Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Metropolia Center - Post Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts - 10/30/2012

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