UUOS: National Executive Board Meeting
UUOS: National Executive Board Meeting


United Ukrainian Orthodox Sisterhoods of the USA: National Executive Board’s Meeting
Tamara Parubchenko – UUOS President

Recently, the United Orthodox Sisterhoods of the USA met at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary’s Library in South Bound Brook, NJ in order to discuss the activity and issues of great concern which affect the spiritual and social ministry of the organization.

The meeting was opened with prayer and remarks by His Grace Bishop Daniel, who is his remarks reflected upon the vital ministry of a woman in the world of modernity with its own challenges. During the meeting it was agreed that as an organization we need to set new objectives and update our Sisterhoods’ previous activities.  Our Goal would then be a resource to the Ukrainian/American woman so as to address her concerns and needs intellectually, spiritually, within the parish unit and well as her family unit.

In travelling to various parishes and speaking to many women in each sisterhood – the one common question that was asked “how can we as “Ukrainian/American” women of various generations and backgrounds fit into the main Sisterhood today?”

One of our goals would be to invite professional individuals to conduct specific seminars. These seminars would be of informative nature only and only a guidance to resources in order to find more details to meet individual needs. These seminars could be held in parish halls or designated places.

Suggested Seminars:

1. Medical Doctors would discuss the need for flu shots, the need for cancer check up, annual check ups for children and adults
2. Social workers would detail the steps for elder care either at home or nursing homes
3. Financial experts would list questions that an individual should ask of their financial advisor or tax experts
4. Personal safety for children elders and ourselves would be addressed
5. Invite professional Ukrainian/American women  who have achieved great success within their profession to be role models to our young men and women for a seminars in Law, Medicine, Political arena, Business, Finance etc

During the 19th Sobor at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Bound Brook, N.J., the  UUOS reported the activity for the last three years and the concerns about the vital ministry of the Church’s organization. Parallel with these major concerns the outpouring of volunteers was enormous. His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine was gracious enough to ask “how can we help?” This question was uplifting and opened the path for great hope and positive future endeavors to our organization.

We have changed the policy and methodology for financial accountability and every audit will be annually reviewed by a certified CPA. During these trying times, His Eminence Archbishop Antony held our organization together with prayer, positive attitude and always giving us hope that there is light and love after the dark cloud. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his unwavering guidance.

Of great concern to all members is that we have become very lax in investing in our local parish communities and preserving our traditions. Our Church and family demographics have been changing but our organizations have not kept up with the times. We must put in the effort,  time, patience and pray to make specific resources available. The United Ukrainian Orthodox Sisterhood must be prepared for active supporting role. If need be, we must be open to various Christian Orthodox resources, we need to learn from success stories from the Christian Orthodox groups, them emulate them. We will reorganize, slowly but surely.

Our first agenda will be to revive the UUOS Scholarship for our college bound students. Requirement will be revamped, updates, posted in Ukrainian Orthodox Word and forwarded to each parish.

The organization shall continue with charity work to Ukrainian orphanages, the soup kitchens and designated charities.

This coming “Fall Festival” will take place on October 22, 2011 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center and already volunteers to perform in the Ukrainian/American Talent Show have been pouring in.

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