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New Publication: The Little Kingdom of God
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New Publication: The Little Kingdom of God
Memory Eternal to our beloved sister in the Lord, Debbie Burgan, co-director of this office of ministry, departed this life, fervent laborer in the Lord's Church.

The Office of Family and Adult Ministry is pleased to announce the formation of a quarterly publication to help the building up of the family Church. The publication will be called The Little Kingdom of God. The best part of it - the opportunity for the faithful to share their own stories!

To sign up to receive this online publication quarterly, please email littlekingdomofGod@yahoo.com and put in the subject line "subscribe."

Also, we are looking for articles of stories of the little church of the home from their childhood (it could be remembering the family Sunday ritual and going to your grandparents house after Church, but we are also looking for stories of how THROUGH THE WEEK the Church in the home operated. In other words, the story may start out on Sunday, but you remember how every time you went to Baba's house midweek you all prayed, how parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. taught you how to live the life of the Church (praying, doing good to others, fasting, showing respect to others, listening to holy stories, etc.) through the week. We need some stories ASAP, so please send them in to littlekingdomofGod@yahoo.com and put in the subject line "submissions." Please note, there is room both for longer stories and for little "one paragraph" stories, so if you can do one but not the other, by all means send in what you can!

Address (Mailing): 3820 Moores Lake Road Dover FL 33527
Contact: Rev. Fr. Harry Linsinbigler, Director
Fatherharryl3@yahoo.com 813-659-0123


Ask Father Harry a question regarding family, personal growth, parish growth, or other in the “Ask Father” page.

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