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Let Us Be Attentive!  LUBA!

What is LUBA?

An outreach program of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

What is it about?

The word attentive has many meanings; observant, aware, vigilant, kind, conscientious, thoughtful and the list goes on.  All of these adjectives describe the life of an Orthodox Christian - how we are called to live our daily life.  It is no coincidence that during the Divine Liturgy we are called to "Be Attentive".  In a way, being attentive is sacramental - being vigilant to Christ and His sacraments.  But we are not only called to be attentive in our divine services, we are called to be attentive in our lives and to our brothers and sister in Christ.  Be considerate. Be caring. Be understanding. Be sympathetic.

It is interesting that the acronym for Let us be Attentive is LUBA, which is a derivative of the Ukrainian word lubov or love.  In a way, when we are called to Be Attentive, we are also being called to LOVE!  This program is a call to be attentive to your neighbor, to your community, to your parish family and to Christ! 

How can we participate?

We have chosen to highlight one nationally commemorated event each month.  We will providing you with suggestions for your parish to take on. You may choose to focus on the highlighted event or choose one of your own (ideas may be found at https://nationaldaycalendar.com/). Be creative in how you may BE CHRIST.  

We ask that you send photos and articles of your LUBA efforts to be shared with all of our faithful.  Utilize your LUBA calendar as a parish, as small groups, as families and as personal ministry.

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