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Holy Archangel Michael & St. George Ukrainian Orhtodox Parish in Minneapolis, MN Celebrated Parish Feast Day - 11/20/17

21 листопада Православна Церква вшановує свято Архістратига Михаїла. Християни вважають його одним із семи архангелів, архістратигом небесного воїнства, покровителем людського роду. В Його честь і славу, багато людей носять Його ім’я та присвячують храми. Одним з прикладів таких храмів є храм Української Правослоавної Церкви США св. Михаїла та Юрія в Мінеаполісі шт. Міннесота.

Ukrainian-American Community of NY Metropolitan Area Remembers Victims of Genocidal Famine in Ukraine of 1932-1933 - 11/19/17

The 2017 Annual National Holodomor Commemoration took place on the eve of the 85th anniversary of this human tragedy at St. Patrick Cathedral, New York City on 18 November 2017 with 2,000 people participating. 

Sacred Pilgrimage to the Myrrh-streaming icon - the Kardiotissa, “The Tender Heart” with Archbishop Daniel - 11/16/17

On Wednesday evening, November 15, 2017 His Eminence Archbishop Daniel led the Pilgrimage of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians from All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church in New York City, NY (Very Rev. Fr. Vitaliy Pawlykivsky – pastor) to Taylor, PA, where the icon is permanently located at St. George the Great-Martyr Orthodox parish. In addition to the pilgrims from NY City, several Ukrainian Orthodox clergy with their parishioners from NY/PA/NJ area traveled to Taylor, PA as well.

Glorious Day at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in Palos Park, IL - 11/14/17

On Sunday November 12, 2017, the Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of Sts Peter and Paul in Palos Park, IL was honored to welcome His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, President of the Consistory and Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy of the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

4-19 June, 2017 - College Mission Trip to Ukrainian Orphanages - 11/13/17

The College Student Mission Trip to aid orphanages in Ukraine, is a ministry of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. We hope to bring aid and comfort to special needs orphans and orphanages in a country that currently does not have the means to do so.

Veterans Day Prayers Offered at the National UAV Monument - 11/13/17

On Saturday, November 11, 2017 several dozens of Ukrainian-American Veterans were joined by a group of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians at the site of the National Ukrainian-American Veterans Memorial at the Metropolia Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA in South Bound Brook, NJ. His Eminence Archbishop Daniel led a Prayer Service at the monument for the wellbeing of numerous veterans of the US Armed forces, especially those of Ukrainian descent.

Statement of the Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA: Observing Veterans Day with Thanksgiving - 11/10/17

Saturday, November 11, 2017 is Veterans Day (this year observed on Friday, November 10th). On this day we remember all those who have served our great nation – the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to defend our way of life and the values we hold dear, along with the freedom which guarantees that life and those values. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those killed in the line of duty, those suffering from the effects of their time of service during war and otherwise and, of course, all those who have retired from active duty.  The extent of such gratitude cannot be measured. The sacrifices made by our veterans and their families are freedom’s foundation. Without the efforts of all the soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, coast guardsmen, and their families, we would have little comprehension of what that freedom means.

Archbishop Daniel Attends the Annual Prayer Service for the United Nations Community - 11/09/17

On Wednesday, November 8th, the combined Hierarchs of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America and of the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches (SCOOCH) celebrated the 16th Annual Prayer Service for the United Nations. His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, the Chairman of the Assembly of Bishops welcomed the assembled Hierarchs, Clergy, Ambassadors and Dignitaries of the UN Diplomatic Corps and laity to the Holy Trinity Archdiocesan Cathedral, the traditional site when an Eastern Orthodox Church hosts the service. This year, the Prayer Service was dedicated and prayers offered for millions of immigrants, refugees and victims of ongoing wars throughout the world.

85th Anniversary Genocidal Holodomor Inaugural Event Held in Washington, DC - 11/08/17

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, November 7, 2017 several dozens of Ukrainian-Americans gathered in the nation’s capitol for the Memorial service (Panakhyda) at the National HOLODOMOR Memorial in Washington, DC.

Archbishop Daniel Visits Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Mission in Sacramento, CA - Зустріч Владики Даниїла в столиці Каліфорнії - 11/07/17

5 листопада 2017 року Свято-Троїцька Українська Православна Місійна громада столиці штату Каліфорнії - м. Сакраменто вітала свого архипастиря. На порозі храму Правлячого Архієрея Західної Єпархії та голову Консисторії УПЦ США Високопреосвященного Архієпископа Даниїла зустрів голова церковного комітету Ярослав Дроздовський та настоятель храму протоієрей Мирослав Турчак зі своєю паствою.

Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA: We Grieve With Sutherland Springs, TX - 11/06/17

Since learning of this tragedy, as spiritual fathers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA we have urged all to pray for the victims, the families and first responders. Our hearts and minds are with all of those persons killed or injured, their family members, their friends and their colleagues.

NEW EXHIBIT Opened at the Ukrainian History and Education Center of NJ: Shepherding Ukrainian Orthodoxy in New Land: The Metropolitan of the Church - Виставка про митрополитів УПЦ США - 11/05/17

У Консисторії Української Православної Церкви США в Сомерсеті (штат Нью-Джерзі) 4 листопада урочисто відкрили виставку «Українські православні пастирі у Новому світі: митрополити УПЦ США», присвячену 100-літтю Церкви.

New Exhibit: Shepherding Ukrainian Orthodoxy in a New Land: The Metropolitans of the Church - 11/01/17

In preparation for the 2018 celebration of the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in the United States, the UHEC presents an exhibition documenting the lives of the Church’s prime hierarchs, the historical and cultural contexts in which they lived and worked, and their legacies through photographs, museum items, archival documents, and audio recordings.

Consistory of the Church Presents Financial Aid to the Post-Hurricane Parish Community in FL - 10/25/17

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, the Prime Hierarch of the UOC of the USA, Archbishop Daniel in his capacity of the President of Consistory of the Church traveled to Dover, FL in order to visit Protection of the Birth-Giver of God Ukrainian Orthodox parish that suffered damages following the tragic Hurricane Irma that caused massive destruction in the State of Florida.

AXIOS! WORTHY! ГІДНИЙ! Subdeacon Paul Neal Ordained to the Deaconate of the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA - 10/24/17

This past Sunday was celebrated with a milestone in the parish of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Dixonville, PA.  Subdeacon Paul Neal, a member of the parish for more than 49 years was ordained to the Deaconate through the laying on of hands by His Eminence Archbishop Daniel.  His friends, family, and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ shared in the celebration of the ordination and Divine Liturgy.

Metropolia Center of the Church Honors the Memory of the Fallen Heroes of Ukraine - 10/24/17

В жовтні, а точніше 14 жовтня, православні християни вшановують свято Покрови Божої Матері, яке згідно Передання, бере початок ще з 910 року коли Богородиця з’явилася віруючим, які молилися у Влахернському храмі в Константинополі. Святковими літургіями відзначили свято Святої Покрови і на парафіях Української Православної Церкви США. Зокрема в духовному осередку Митрополії УПЦ США 15 жовтня в неділю відбулась святкова Архієрейська літургія, яку очолив Високопреосвященніший Архієпископ Даниїл. 

98th Parish Anniversary in Trenton, NJ - 10/23/17

On Sunday, October 22, the Holy Trinity Parish in Trenton, New Jersey was visited by His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony and His Eminence Archbishop Jeremiah, the ruling hierarch of our Church's South American Eparchy.

AXIOS! WORTHY! ГІДНИЙ! Subdeacon Richard Jendras Ordained to the Holy Deaconate - 10/23/17

Subdeacon Richard Jendras has been ordained to the Deaconate of the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA by His Eminence Metropolitan Antony. The beautiful Divine Liturgy was celebrated at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Carteret, NJ on 21 October 2017. 

100th Anniversary of the Cathedral Consecration - 10/23/17

On Saturday, October 14th His Eminence, Metropolitan Antony led our God-loving and God-protected community of St. Mary Protection of the Theotokos (Pokrova) parish in the celebration of our patronal feast and the 100th anniversary of the consecration of our beautiful cathedral (glory to God!). He was greeted in the narthex by several of our youth (Autumn and Shiloh D., Claire, Helen, and Warren P., and Owen A.) who gave him flowers, by our parish president, Nikolai Fartuch, who gave him beautifully decorated bread (thank you, Stephanie Milan!) , and by our parish priest, Fr. Anthony Perkins, who offered words of thanks for his prayers and love for his parish of St. Mary's.

Holy Virgin Parish in Arnold, PA Marks 92nd Anniversary - 10/21/17

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel along with a Seminarian delegation from South Bound Brook, NJ traveled to the little town of Arnold, PA (22 miles east of Pittsburgh) to pray with the gathered faithful to commemorate the parish founding in 1925.

2017 Winter Mission Trip to Znamianka Orphanage in Ukraine - 06/24/17

With the blessing of the Council of Bishops, the Consistory Office of Christian Charity in cooperation with the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA announce the date for the winter missionary trip to Znamyanka Orphanage for the faithful of our Church.

Archived News
10 November, 2017 - Veteran's Day Prayer Service at the Metropolia Center - 10/31/17

Join the Ukrainian-American Veterans at the UAV National Monument in South Bound Brook, NJ for a Prayer Service, Honoring the Veterans of the US Armed Forces

2017 Annual Clergy Conference Takes Place in South Bound Brook, NJ - 10/16/17

It was with a great sense of joy and camaraderie that the hierarchs and the priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA gathered in South Bound Brook for the annual clergy conference on Sunday, October 15th.

All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of New York City Visits Metropolia Center of the Church - 10/15/17

15 жовтня після служби Божої поїхали до Савт Бавнд Бруку. Поїздка співпала з шанованим в Україні і українській діаспорі релігійним святом Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці, а також річницями історичних подій – 75-річчям УПА і 70-річчям Акції «Вісла». В цей день в українській православній церкві-пам’ятнику св. Андрія Первозваного Високопреосвященний Владика Даниїл освятив ікону Богородиці – покровительки українських воїнів, копію якої за оригіналом у Михайлівському Золотоверхому Соборі в Києві виготовив іконописець Юрій Нікітін.

Archbishop Daniel Visits Pokrova of the Birth-Giver of God Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in - 10/14/17

В суботу, 14 жовтня 2017р., у день свята Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці, Високопреосвященіший Архієпископ Даниїл на запрошення настоятеля протоієрея Олександра Яцківа з Архіпастирським візитом відвідав парафію Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці в м. Нью-Хейвен, штату Коннектикут.

Message of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America - 10/10/17

We, the Hierarchs of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, who have gathered in Garfield, New Jersey on October 3-5, 2017 for our eighth annual meeting, greet you with love in Christ as we offer glory and thanks to Him.

Two Worlds Unite In Prayer Honoring the Birth-Giver of God - 10/09/17

On Sunday, October 8, 2017 a shrine of numerous pilgrimages, dedicated to the Birth-Giver of God of Altotting (1489) in the heart of Munich, Germany became a place of a spiritual pilgrimage and renewal for the faithful of the Protection of the Birth-Giver of God Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Munich, Germany. His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, fulfilling his pastoral responsibilities of a bishop of the Eparchy of Western Europe of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Diaspora, visited the faithful of the parish in the place of their weekly worship – a 16th century temple dedicated to the miracle of Altotting.

Archbishop Daniel Visits Ukrainian Orthodox Community in Ulm, Germany - 10/08/17

On Saturday, October 7, 2017 the parish was formally visited by His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, present hierarch of the Western Europe Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Diaspora. With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, Vladyka Daniel visited the parish and served a Memorial service at the gravesite of Metropolitan Anatoliy of blessed memory.

AXIOS! Metropolitan Antony Celebrates 32 Years of Archpastoral Service - 10/06/17

АКСІОС! Митрополит Антоній Святкує 32-ліття Архіпастирського Служіння

St. Sophia Seminary Library honors Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou - 10/05/17

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, the St. Sophia Theological Seminary community, the staff of the Metropolia Center, and local clergy gathered to honor Rev. Dr. George and Presbytera Athanasia Papademetriou for their generous donation of several thousands of theological titles to the Seminary Library. Travelling with Rev. George and Presbytera Athanasia were members of his family—his sons and daughter, their spouses and grandchildren.

Hierarchs of the UOC of the USA Participate in the Sessions of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA - 10/04/17

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America convened its eighth annual meeting Tuesday, October 3 in Garfield, NJ with about 40 hierarchs in attendance. The day began with a celebration of the Divine Liturgy at St George Orthodox Church in Clifton, NJ at which the hierarchs in attendance shared in the Holy and Sacred Chalice - the Holy Mystery of Eucharist.

Statement of the Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA: Prayers for the Victims in Las Vegas - 10/02/17

We find ourselves this day filled with compassion for the families of the victims who perished in the worst terroristic massacre of human life in the history of our nation.  We find within ourselves this day an insatiable desire to pray for those victims, that our Lord will grant them a place of rest where the Light of His Countenance shines upon them as they await the great and final judgment.  And oddly, we find ourselves this day in a state of shock that such a horrific attack can take place once again without any warning, without any obvious reason and without anyone who will really be capable of explaining.  We will hear theory after conjecture, after just plain guesswork on the part of pundit after pundit after pundit.  We will, however, probably never fully comprehend why such a horror as this Las Vegas attack can happen or how man can be so cruel to man. 

A Letter of Condolence From the Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA Upon the Repose of Bishop Antoun of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America - 10/02/17

On behalf of the Council of Bishops, the Clergy and Lay Faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, we are offering our profound condolences on the falling asleep in the Lord of the deeply beloved and respected Bishop Antoun.

The Joyful Ordination of a New Priest - 10/02/17

Calling the occasion one of “ for the entire Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA,” His Eminence Archbishop Daniel ordained Deacon John Charest to the Holy Priesthood on Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, IL.

Archbishop Daniel Leads the Delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA at the Celebration of 125 Years of Pan-Orthodox Community in Chicago, IL - 09/30/17

The Pan-Orthodox Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was celebrated at Lane Tech Auditorium, 2501 W. Addison Western St. Chicago, IL followed by a jubilee banquet at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare, 8535 W. Higgins Rd, Chicago.

Hierarchs of the Church Visited Consulate General of Ukraine in NY - 09/29/17

Representatives of various Ukrainian Community Organizations of Greater New York area gathered at the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York City for the formal observance of the 26th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.

Archbishop Daniel Visits Post Hurricanes FL Parishes of the Church - 09/26/17

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, the Prime Hierarch of the UOC of the USA, Archbishop Daniel in his capacity of the President of Consistory of the Church traveled to Dover and Pinellas Park, FL parishes in order to examine the damages and to offer words of comfort to the clergy and faithful of the Church.

DOOR Radio Program Interviews His Eminence Archbishop Daniel - 09/25/17

“I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” John 10:9. On Sunday, September 24th, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel walked through the doors of St. George Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Southfield, Michigan to sit for an interview for the DOOR (Detroit’s Own Orthodox Radio) radio program.

Celebrating 20 years of Priestly Service in Michigan - 09/25/17

Early Sunday morning, with the sun shining brightly through the large spruce trees, which towered over the domed church, the parish of St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, in Southfield, Michigan, was bustling with activity. Entering the narthex, His Eminence donned his mantia, and entered the Sanctuary where Very Reverend Paul Bondarchuk, parish pastor, who was celebrating his 20th Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood, greeted him with a Cross. The nave was decorated with Ukrainian embroidered towels hanging from the pews, along the main aisle.

St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of Bayonne, NJ Marks 80th Anniversary - 09/23/17

80 years later, on September 23rd 2017, two hierarchs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel crossed the sacred threshold of the parish’s temple in order to once again mark an anniversary of faithful service. Children and members of the parish’s board of administration as well as the pastor of St. Sophia parish, Very Rev. Fr. Myroslav Schirta welcomed the hierarchs to the temple for a formal liturgical consecration of the new altar and renewed icons.

First Lady of Ukraine visits the Metropolia Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA - 09/21/17

The ringing of the bells cascaded over the gurgling stream and echoed off the Consistory buildings of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. as those inside scurried around preparing for the visit of Maryna Poroshenko, the First Lady of Ukraine and the wife of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

2017 Faith and Photography Contest - 09/19/17

With the blessing of our Hierarchs, we are pleased to announce a new opportunity for the youth of our church to express their faith. The Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry wants to encourage youth and young adults to explore their creative talents and to glorify God through art, with the 3rd Annual Ukrainian Orthodox Church Faith and Photography Contest.

AXIOS! Subdeacon Evan O’Neil is Ordained to Deaconate - 09/18/17

This past weekend saw an auspicious occasion in the life of the parish of St Peter and St Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Carnegie, PA - the ordination of a deacon. On Saturday, September 16th, by the Grace of God and the laying on of hands by His Eminence Archbishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Subdeacon Cliff O'Neil was ordained into the order of the diaconate as Deacon Evan (Clifford) O'Neil, a graduate of St Sophia Seminary in South Bound Brook, NJ.

The Hierarchs of the Church Met with the President of Ukraine - 09/18/17

On Monday, September 18, 2017, His Eminence Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel participated in the meeting of the Ukrainian-American Community and the representatives of the Crimean Tatar organizations with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City, NY

Archbishop Daniel Attends the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Ukrainian World Congress - 09/17/17

On 16 September 2017, the Ukrainian community in the United Sates of America, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC). The event was organized by UWC member organization – the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America led by Andriy Futey.

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Mission In Dover, Delaware Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary - 09/16/17

History was made today in the Capital City of Delaware. On Saturday, September 16, 2017, His Eminence, +Metropolitan Antony, First Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and Ruling Bishop of the Eastern Eparchy, celebrated a full Archpastoral Divine Liturgy on the Green in Dover to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Mission. Because the indoor space of the Dover Century Club would have been too small for such an event, an outdoor Liturgy was served.

Nativity of the Mother of God Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in New Britain, CT Welcomes Metropolitan Antony - 09/15/17

Blessed with a bright, early-autumn day, our parish welcomed Metropolitan Antony to New Britain, Connecticut, on September 10, 2017, to celebrate our parish Name Day and share in mutual love and fellowship as we begin the new church year. His Eminence led the congregation of St. Mary, the Nativity of the Mother of God, in celebrating Divine Liturgy alongside our pastor Very Rev. Father Andrii Pokotylo and Protodeacon Anthony Szwez.

New Academic Year at the Seminary - 09/12/17

With the prayerful chants and the incense smoke filled chapel of the Three Holy Hierarchs, the students and faculty of St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary began the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of Beheading of St. John the Baptist – which also inaugurated new 2017-2018 Academic Year.

Remembering the Tragedy of 9-11-2001 - 09/09/17

It is difficult to believe that we have come to the sixteenth anniversary of the tragic events - the loss of nearly 3,000 human beings in the World Trade Center – the symbol of American business success and promise.

Deacon James Cairns Ordained to the Holy Priesthood - 09/09/17

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the fullness of the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of United States of America welcomed a new Priest into the midst of priestly ranks. By the Grace of God and through the laying on of hands of His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, the Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy and President of Consistory of the UOC of the USA, Deacon James Cairns of St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Carteret, NJ and a graduate of Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Bound Brook, NJ) was ordained to the Holy Priesthood.

Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA: "...Special Prayers for the Victims of Hurricane “Irma” - 09/08/17

We fervently request that clergy and faithful of our Metropolia offer special prayers for the victims of hurricane “Irma”, which is causing heavy damage in the State of Florida this weekend.  We are all united as friends and neighbors in the states and communities affected by hurricane “Irma” and as a family in Christ we pray for protection from the consequences of the storm.  We must be eager and ready to offer refuge and help to those who may be endangered or harmed. 

Hierarchs of the UOC of the USA Participate in the Observance of Ukraine’s 26th Anniversary of Independence at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine at the United Nations in New York - 09/08/17

Ієрархи УПЦ США взяли участь у відзначенні 26-ої річниці Незалежності України в Постійному Представництві України при ООН в Нью Йорку

Joint Message of Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the World Day of Prayer for Creation - 09/01/17

The story of creation presents us with a panoramic view of the world. Scripture reveals that, “in the beginning”, God intended humanity to cooperate in the preservation and protection of the natural environment. At first, as we read in Genesis, “no plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up – for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no one to till the ground” (2:5). The earth was entrusted to us as a sublime gift and legacy, for which all of us share responsibility until, “in the end”, all things in heaven and on earth will be restored in Christ (cf. Eph 1:10). Our human dignity and welfare are deeply connected to our care for the whole of creation.

Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA: Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund - 08/29/17

We write to you with a heaviness of heart upon witnessing for the past many days the seemingly relentless weather disaster inflicted upon our fellow American citizens along the Gulf of Mexico coastline – primarily in Texas – but expected to move East. We have been filled with compassion as we watched thousands upon thousands of people forced to abandon all their material possessions and life as they knew it.

Ukrainian Independence Day Celebration at the Metropolia Center of the UOC of the USA - 08/28/17

Святкування розпочалось з святкової недільної літургії в Церкві-Пам’ятнику Св. Андрія первозданного. Очолив літургію архиєрей УПЦ США високопреосвященніший Архиєпископ Даниїл. Співслужили також: настоятель храму от. Юрій Сівко, от. Іван Личик та от. Василь Шак разом з дияконами Іваном Чопко та Ігорем Русин. Храм зібрав велику кількість парафіян та прихожан, які з вдячністю Богу за всі благословення, а особливо за суверенітет рідної Батьківщини, прийшли бути частиною Святої Літургії і Святого Причастя.

Patriarchal Letter for the Beginning of the New Ecclesiastical Year - 08/25/17

With God’s grace, today we enter the new ecclesiastical year, even as we continue to provide witness “through him who loved us” (Romans 8.38) and “give an account for the hope that lies in us” (1 Peter 3.15), living in the Church, in Christ and according to Christ, who promised to be with us “all the days of our life, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28.20)

Archpastoral Visit to Wales - 08/24/17

From 21st - 22nd August, His Eminence Metropolitan Antony and His Eminence Archbishop Daniel visited Wales, arriving on Monday 21st at the administrative centre of the Wales Orthodox Mission in Blaenau Ffestiniog in the County of Gwynedd, and attending Vespers at the Orthodox Church of All Saints of Wales in the same town.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Great Britain Marks 70th Anniversary - 08/21/17

In August 1947 Bishop Mstyslav (Skrypnyk) visited Great Britain and held the first Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) Archpastoral Divine Liturgy in the country. The service was held in the auditorium of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) and is considered to be the founding moment of the Great Britain Diocese.  To mark the 70th anniversary of this historic event in the life of the Church in Great Britain, His Eminence Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel served a Moleben of Thanksgiving at the very same site on the Great Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord – 19 August 2017.

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America Response to Racist Violence in Charlottesville, VA - 08/18/17

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America stands with all people of good will in condemning the hateful violence and lamenting the loss of life that resulted from the shameful efforts to promote racial bigotry and white supremacist ideology in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Orthodox Church emphatically declares that it does not promote, protect or sanction participation in such reprehensible acts of hatred, racism, and discrimination, and proclaims that such beliefs and behaviors have no place in any community based in respect for the law and faith in a loving God.

Parish Feast Day Celebration in Brooklyn, NY - Святкування в Брукліні, Ню Йорку із Митрополитом Антонієм та Архієпископом Даниїлом. - 08/15/17

13 серпня 2017р. Божого, в Українській Православній Парафії св. Пантелеймона в Брукліні відбулося святкове богослужіння з нагоди храмового свята. Урочисте богослужіння очолили предстоятель УПЦ США Високопреосвященніший Митрополит Антоній та Голова Консисторії Високопреосвященніший Архієпископ Даниїл у співслужінні настоятеля храму о. Миколи Филика та місцевого духовенства.

September 11, 2017 - Official Opening of the New 2017-2018 Academic Year at St. Sophia Seminary - 08/14/17

Join us for the Official Opening of the New 2017-2018 Academic Year at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary

St. Sophia Seminary Youth Ministry Certification Program - 08/14/17

The Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry in collaboration with St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary is pleased to announce a Youth Ministry Certification program. Delegates of the UOC-USA Youth Sobor have repeatedly offered resolutions requesting advanced education for youth workers; we developed this course to address their requests and to help support this ministry that is so vital to the health of our parishes.

Chicago Deanery of the Church Meets at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bensenville, IL - 08/13/17

With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, the Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy of the UOC of the USA, the Dean of Chicago Deanery Very Rev. Fr. Bohdan Kalynyuk called a meeting of eleven clergymen of the Eparchy, representing 8 parishes of Chicago Metropolitan area on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

A Letter on the Occasion of the 26th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence - 08/11/17

Послання з нагоди 26-ї річниці проголошення незалежності України  

New Parish Temple Blessed in Los Alamos, NM - 08/08/17

On Friday evening, August 4th, the bells of Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Freeland, Pennsylvania, rang a hierarchical greeting for the first time in their new home in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  His Eminence Metropolitan ANTONY and His Eminence Archbishop DANIEL were met at the door of the new temple of the Saint Job of Pochaiv Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the President of the Parish’s Board of Administration Mr. Nicholas Gordon, the children of the parish, Father Theophan Mackey and the faithful of the church. Father Theophan then served Great Vespers to begin the celebration of the commemoration of the Our Lady of Pochaiv Icon, August 5th

70th Annual UOL Convention Concludes in Woonsocket, RI - 08/01/17

The 70th Annual UOL Convention came to a formal conclusion on Sunday, July 30, 2017, as the delegates gathered at Archangel Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI for Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom concelebrated by His Eminence Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel.

Day IV of the 70th UOL Convention Concludes in Warwick, RI - 07/30/17

The fourth day of the 70th UOL Convention in Warwick, RI began with the early morning Akathist Service in front of the icon of Pochaiv Mother of God. The chanters from various parishes and chapters joined in singing the uplifting praises to the Mother of God during the liturgical service served by Archbishop Daniel and Very Rev. Fr. Taras Naumenko.

UOL Convention Celebrates the Legacy of St. Volodymyr the Great - 07/28/17

The third day of UOL convention in Warwick, RI prayerfully began with the liturgical celebration of the life and legacy of Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Great King Volodymyr. With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, the Divine Liturgy for the feast of the day was celebrated by Very Rev. Fr. Myron Oryhon, Very Rev. Fr. John Haluszczak, Rev. Fr. Vasyl Pasakas, Rev. Fr. Phulip Harendza, Protodeacon Ihor Mahlay and Deacon John Charest. In conclusion of the service, Vladyka Daniel offered a short reflection on the spiritual legacy of St. Volodymyr the Great and the call upon those in attendance to emulate the spiritual virtues of Holy and Great King of Rus-Ukraine in a day of modern challenges and uncertainties. The Archbishop called upon the delegates of the Convention to make St. Volodymyr’s legacy alive by living the Faith of ancient Forefathers and offering themselves in the service to others through the acts of charity and kindness. In particular, Vladyka Daniel called upon the participants of the Divine Liturgy to care for the environment, protecting every aspect of natural resources.

The 70th UOL Convention Continues in Warwick, RI - 07/27/17

The second day of this year’s Convention began with the “Teaching” Divine Liturgy that with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony ws served by Very Rev. Fr. Taras Naumenko, Archdeacon Vasyl and Deacon Ivan Tchopko, while Very Ref. Fr. Anthony Perkins offered reflections on various sections of the Divine Liturgy, calling upon the delegates of the Church to immerse themselves into the spiritually rich and uplifting treasury of Christ’s presence in our lives.

Family Fest 2017 - 07/26/17

Summer is in full swing, and before you know it, we will all be enjoying a fun, relaxing, and free Labor Day weekend at All Saints Camp!

70th UOL Convention – “Declare Among the Nations His Works…” (Ps.104:1) Began in Warwick, RI - 07/26/17

For the 70th time in the history of the Ukrainian Orthodox League of the UOC of the USA, delegates from various chapters of parish families from across the country have gathered in Woonsocket/Warwick, RI for their annual Convention. The hosts for this year’s Convention is the Senior UOL Chapters and, in fact, all the parishioners of Holy Archangel Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of Woonsocket, RI.  What follows below is an outline of activities for the next several days of the Convention. 

Strategic Plan

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